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The group that is most notably underrepresented is the religiously unaffiliated, writes Pew , whose study uses data compiled by CQ Roll Call. This group also known as religious nones now accounts for 23% of the general public, while only one member of Congress Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) of Arizona lists no public religious affiliation. That gap may illuminate the enduring importance of religious institutions in American public life, despite a decrease in the number of people whoactively identify as members. Part of the reason for the gap, says John Green, a political scientist at the พระนางพญาช่วยเรื่องอะไร University of Akron, has to do with the social characteristics associated with success in politics. Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz Members of Congress tend to be well-educated people, from professional backgrounds particularly lawyers well into their professional careers, so theyre middle-aged, and active and engaged in the community. Religious organizations are really important parts of most communities in the United States, he tells The Christian Science Monitor in an interview Tuesday. The connectedness oftenafforded by religious denominations often contrasts with the habits of the nones, who tend to be less engaged in community life, he adds. They also tend to be younger and well-educated, though, so it could be that over time, as younger unaffiliated people come into middle age and get well-established into their professions, you could see greater representation in Congress, he says. Such networking also happens on the Hill itself, even inspiring the occasional bipartisan effort, as the Monitors Francine Kiefer wrote in September in a profile of congressional prayer meetings: The prayer breakfast is one of the few venues on the Hill where members of both parties mix socially.

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