Ryan Wilk, vice president at NuData Security “They are variations of passwords they’ve used for many years. They keep changing the number (at the end) of the password from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, or move through different special characters,” said Ryan Wilk, vice president of customer success at NuData Security , a Vancouver firm that helps companies identify online users based on passive biometrics and behavioral analytics. “Quite often, people will use the same variation of a similar password across the board and will modify that password’s strength based on the requirements of a site,” Wilk said. But forgetting passwords may as well be a national pastime. “Twenty-one percent of users forget passwords after 2 weeks, and 25 percent forget one password at least once a day,” the study found. When online shoppers get into the digital checkout funnel of an e-commerce site but then give up due to some roadblock, it is called “cart abandonment.” It doesn’t take much for users to walk away from their e-shopping carts. Online sites routinely have different requirements for passwords. Some demand that they be a certain length. Others require alphanumeric combinations. Still others ask for a symbol to be included.

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