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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - RTSDR64 By Alex Dobuzinskis | LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was badly vandalized, possibly with a sledgehammer, media and officials said on Wednesday. A photo published in the online Hollywood publication showed Trump's name scratched out, the emblem in the middle dislodged and chips from the star missing. The Republican presidential nominee, real estate developer and reality TV star has been the focus of several large protests during his campaign appearances in California, where polls show he is trailing far behind Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The former host of the NBC show "The Apprentice," Trump received his Walk of Fame star in 2007. A spokeswoman for Trump could not be reached immediately for comment. Los Angeles Police do not have a suspect or motive and the investigation into the vandalism, discovered at around 6 a.m. local time on Wednesday, is ongoing, said spokeswoman Norma Eisenman. said a man who identified himself to the publication as Jamie Oatis damaged the star with a sledgehammer. Reuters could not immediately confirm the report.

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Freedom And Deviation In Quotations From The Buddhist Scriptures In Early Bka'

Attackers struck targets in seven southeast Thai provinces, using bombs simply because well as incendiary devices that established shops and markets ablaze. Hindu temples are the house locations of deities to whom people bring offerings to. Buddhists keep Gaya as a significant pilgrimage center due to the presence of the Brahmayoni or the Gayasia mountain where Buddha preached the Fireplace Sermon or the Adittapariyaya Sutta.The Four Noble Truths , the first teachings of Gautama Buddha after attaining nirvana (state of brain free from hurting) are occasionally considered to consist of the importance of the Buddha's teachings. Throughout Asia generally there are several areas of pilgrimage, the primary a single becoming Benares on the Ganges, where Hindus travel to, to spend their respects.During our time in the mountain retreat center high in the Spanish Sierras above Alicante, we agreed that now we stopped to become a mitra study group, the Dharma Bums would transform into a Part so our Thursday conferences could continue. I take it as some cosmic regulation of exchange that if Disneyland pops up in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Buddhist wats or temples can develop up in Los Angeles, house of the Magic Kingdom. Constantly adapting to meet the requirements of contemporary society, the International Temples Task presently achieves its target through creating and helping traditional and non-traditional Globe Serenity Wats or temples, meditation centres and retreat centres, and through the activities of Kadampa Universities, World Tranquility Restaurants, and Tharpa Journals.Dieses Buch über Buddhas Vorhersagen wird in thailändischer Sprache bereits in der fünften Auflage verlegt, seit anfangs 2008 ist pass away erste Auflage in Englisch erhältlich.