It is hard to tell from a bathing suit on the rack or folded on a table what the bottom coverage situation is. I spent an hour just combing through racks and racks of bathing suit bottoms, just trying to find one that would not show my daughters religion. I was so relieved at one store when I looked up and the mannequins had one piece bathing suits on! Hallelujah! Oh but wait, I knew that was too good to be true. The back of those modest one piecers were basically thongs as well. But they had backed up those mannequins against the wall so that unsuspecting mothers like me might not notice. You might not notice until your darling daughter was cavorting on the beach with her butt cheeks hanging out. Fast forward to real Spring Break. We take our fully covered-girls and their fully-covered friends out to the beach and get set up. Next to us is a large group of high school kids.

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